Kate Kalvinos

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tel: +351 912 041 021
mail: hello@katekalvinos.com

Locations in Portugal

Online Dramatherapy

Whilst perhaps not originally intended for the virtual space, Dramatherapy (like most things now) has sucessfully transitioned online! Individual Online Dramatherapy is available for young people (aged 13+) and adults needing remote mental health support. Whether you’re shielding, minimising physical interaction, located in a different area or country, or perhaps don’t want or aren’t able to access in-person therapy, then Online Dramatherapy offers a unique opportunity to creatively contain and explore your personal issues and feelings. We'll use basic technology to aid the therapeutic process and create new ways of connecting, communicating and expressing, whilst sill honouring the core values of Dramatherapy.

Online Dramatherapy is held via Zoom and suitable for individuals struggling with personal issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, family difficulties, life changes, loneliness, grief, or general self-enquiry and wellbeing.

To see if Online Dramatherapy can help you, just email hello@katekalvinos.com to book a free 20 minute consultation.

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