Kate Kalvinos

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tel: +351 912 041 021
mail: hello@katekalvinos.com

Locations in Portugal

What is Dramatherapy?

The Health and Care Professions Council state that ‘Dramatherapy is a unique form of psychotherapy in which creativity, play, movement, voice, storytelling, dramatisation, improvisation and the performance arts have a central position within the therapeutic relationship’. Dramatherapy allows for creative expression of thoughts and feelings which can sometimes be difficult to understand or articulate. Dramatherapists are masters-level mental health professionals who work with the unconscious by supporting their clients to safely explore their possibilities and potential. Dramatherapy is non-judgemental, non-directive and non-interpretive, meaning that the process is highly personal and no session is alike because each individual is unique. Sessions can involve the use of metaphors, stories, objects, images, embodiment, role-play and much more - Sometimes by distancing ourselves from what is consuming us, these difficulties can be easier to look at, work through and reflect upon, ultimately leading to healing, change and a greater understanding and acceptance of the self.

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