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Online Creative Support Sessions

'Pay-what-you-can' online creative support sessions for children & young people

At a time when health is at the forefront of our minds let us not overlook our mental health, especially that of our children.

As a parent, you may be concerned about how your child is coping with all this change. Children and young people will not only be trying to process this unexpected new way of life but will also be absorbing your responses and those of the world around them. This can lead to repressed emotions or acting out.

I am now offering a ‘pay-what-you-can’ scheme for any child or young person who might benefit from accessing one-off or regular 30 minute online creative support sessions.

Sessions are for individuals (aged 6 - 21) to share and explore whatever feelings and experiences important to them and I will offer appropriate therapeutic support where necessary; whether that’s a creative game or activity, grounding or relaxation techniques, or just an impartial ear to listen.

If you think your child, teen or young adult is in need of some additional support or you’d like to know more, please get in touch by emailing hello@katekalvinos.com. Pay what you can afford between €5 - €30 for each online session.

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About Me

I am a UK qualified and registered Dramatherapist with over ten years’ experience of working creatively with children, young people and adults. Originally from a small Greek island but having grown up in England, my professional life has been mainly based in London, however my passion for travel has allowed me to live and work within various cultural communities, including South East Asia and Aboriginal Australia (and now Lisbon!) Experiencing such diversity has widened my understanding and appreciation for the individuality and uniqueness of every human being. I believe that creative expression can empower people in the process of their own recovery.

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My Approach

My work is client-led, meaning that what happens in a session depends on the specific issues each individual brings and we will work together to find the most appropriate approach. A combination of my theoretical psychological understanding along with my experience in healing through creative-arts, forms an integrative therapy-style. At the heart of my practice is an awareness that the therapeutic relationship is paramount to aid healing and change and can help to gain insight into the root causes of many current behaviours.

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What is Dramatherapy?

The Health and Care Professions Council state that ‘Dramatherapy is a unique form of psychotherapy in which creativity, play, movement, voice, storytelling, dramatisation, improvisation and the performance arts have a central position within the therapeutic relationship’. Dramatherapy allows for creative exploration and expression of thoughts and feelings which can sometimes be difficult to understand or articulate. Dramatherapists are masters-level mental health professionals who work with the unconscious by supporting their clients to safely explore their possibilities and potential. Sessions can involve the use of metaphors, stories, objects, images, embodiment, role-play and much more - Sometimes by distancing ourselves from what is consuming us, these difficulties can be easier to look at, work through and reflect upon, ultimately leading to healing, change and a greater understanding and acceptance of the self.

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Dramatherapy for adults

I offer 1:1 sessions for adults, providing a non-judgmental space to work through any personal struggles you may be currently experiencing. All feelings are welcome and valid - I will be alongside you as you begin to unpack and process what you need to explore and learn from your lived experience in order to move forward. The therapy process is highly personal and no session is alike; Some people may prefer a stronger focus on talk-therapy, working through their difficulties with cognitive and rational thought processes; Others may find art, music or movement helpful to express challenging emotions; And some may wish to explore their lives through projection and story-telling. Together we will find your way of working.

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Dramatherapy for children & young people

Play is a universal language and children are the most fluent! Dramatherapy allows children and young people the opportunity to be present with their emotions in an accepting space in order to understand them better. It is in this safe space that they can begin to process, in their own naturally curious and creative way, the often challenging obstacles they face when going through changes. Group Dramatherapy can promote social soft-skills such as communication, compassion and confidence and presents opportunities to share and connect with others who are experiencing similar feelings or situations.

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Relevant & clinical experience

I have worked as a Dramatherapist with both children and adults, providing sessions in schools, the community and psychiatric wards. I have worked with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, learning, behavioural or emotional difficulties as well as those suffering with acute mental health needs e.g. schizophrenia and personality disorders. I have over ten years experience working creatively with children & young people within therapeutic communities across the globe, providing care, support and guidance as they grow and learn about themselves and the world around them.

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Locations in Portugal

I currently offer individual therapy sessions at Little Yoga Space, Rua da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa, Baixa.

Group therapy sessions are held in the Lisbon surrounding areas including Cascais, Estoril, Carcavelos - e-mail hello@katekalvinos.com to find out more.

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Individual sessions are 50 minutes.

ADULTS = €50

Small group sessions for children & young people are 90 minutes each. Members attend for an 8-week process during term time, with the option to continue the following term if required.
€20 per child per session

Charges include planning, note-taking, supervision costs and administration costs, including personal progress reports at the end of the process.

To see if Dramatherapy is right for you/your child I offer a preliminary 20 minute consultation at a reduced rate (€15 adults, €10 children)

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Qualifications & training

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