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What is Dramatherapy?

The Health and Care Professions Council state that ‘Dramatherapy is a unique form of psychotherapy in which creativity, play, movement, voice, storytelling, dramatisation, improvisation and the performance arts have a central position within the therapeutic relationship’. Dramatherapy allows for creative expression of thoughts and feelings which can sometimes be difficult to understand or articulate. Dramatherapists are masters-level mental health professionals who work with the unconscious by supporting their clients to safely explore their possibilities and potential. Dramatherapy is non-judgemental, non-directive and non-interpretive, meaning that the process is highly personal and no session is alike because each individual is unique. Sessions can involve the use of metaphors, stories, objects, images, embodiment, role-play and much more - Sometimes by distancing ourselves from what is consuming us, these difficulties can be easier to look at, work through and reflect upon, ultimately leading to healing, change and a greater understanding and acceptance of the self.

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Who is Dramatherapy for?

The short answer is anyone! You do not have to consider yourself ‘creative’ to be able to benefit from the process of dramatherapy as it can help a wide range of people with differing needs, from children with emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties to adults with acute mental illness, personality disorders or dementia. And every issue in between including expat challenges, family difficulties, body image, LGBTAIQ+ issues, processing trauma and struggling with stress and anxiety. It is also useful for people wanting a deeper level of self-enquiry, gaining insight into their behaviours, experiences and attitudes in order to discover meaning and direction.

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About Me

I am a UK qualified and HCPC Registered Dramatherapist with over ten years’ experience of working creatively with children, young people and adults across the globe. Originally from a small Greek island but having grown up in England, my professional life has been mainly based in London, however my passion for travel has allowed me to live and work within various cultural communities, including South East Asia and Aboriginal Australia (and now Lisbon!). Experiencing such diversity has widened my understanding and appreciation for the individuality and uniqueness of every human being. I believe that creative expression can empower people in the process of their own development and healing.

I have worked as a Dramatherapist with both children and adults, providing sessions in schools, the community, psychiatric wards, and now online. My work is client-led, meaning that what happens in a session depends on the specific issues each individual brings and we will work together to find the most appropriate approach. A combination of my theoretical psychological understanding along with my experience in healing through creative-arts, forms an integrative therapy-style. At the heart of my practice is an awareness that the therapeutic relationship is paramount to aid healing and change.

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Online Dramatherapy

Whilst perhaps not originally intended for the virtual space, Dramatherapy (like most things now) has sucessfully transitioned online! Individual Online Dramatherapy is available for young people (aged 13+) and adults needing remote mental health support. Whether you’re shielding, minimising physical interaction, located in a different area or country, or perhaps don’t want or aren’t able to access in-person therapy, then Online Dramatherapy offers a unique opportunity to creatively contain and explore your personal issues and feelings. We'll use basic technology to aid the therapeutic process and create new ways of connecting, communicating and expressing, whilst sill honouring the core values of Dramatherapy.

Online Dramatherapy is held via Zoom and suitable for individuals struggling with personal issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, family difficulties, life changes, loneliness, grief, or general self-enquiry and wellbeing.

To see if Online Dramatherapy can help you, just email hello@katekalvinos.com to book a free 20 minute consultation.

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In-Person Individual 50 minute session: €50 (held at Little Yoga Space, Rua da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa, Baixa)

Online Individual 50 minute session: €40

Free 20 minute initial online consultation

Sliding-scale available on request for those experiencing financial difficulty.

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Online Creative Connections

Online therapeutic group workshops to awaken your unconscious and connect with your authentic self through creative expression. Through a variety of expressive arts modalities, including movement, play, visualisation and artwork, offered in a non-directive or judgemental way, these experiential workshops are an opportunity for self-expression and self-exploration within a safe and contained structure.

Materials needed

No previous artistic experience is necessary!

Next Creative Connections Workshops

Date/Time: OCTOBER Saturday 24th 10:20 - 12:30 (UTC+1)

Clear the Way

As many of us begin to emerge from lockdown life we might be reassessing our realities and reimagining our ideas about the future; our wants and wishes, dreams and desires, hopes and possibilities. In this workshop we will creatively explore how we can clear the path in front of us so as to better see what lies ahead. And whilst we make way for those plans, begin to let go of what's holding us back.

Date/Time: NOVEMBER Saturday 14th 10:30 - 12:30 (UTC+1)

The Space Between

Transitions are a necessary part of life, without them we’d be static and our experiences significantly limited. But the process of moving from one phase to another is often filled with uncertainty, discomfort and instability. In this workshop we will creatively explore that familiar space of the inbetween, feeling neither here nor there, with the therapeutic aim of becoming more comfortable and aware of being with the unknown.

Date/Time: DECEMBER Saturday 12th 10:30 - 12:30 (UTC+1)

Marking the Moment

Rituals can be therapeutic as they offer a sense of structure, stability and purpose. They are meaning making processes to mark and acknowledge significant moments or experiences that we deem important. In this workshop we will explore our own conscious and unconscious habits and rituals and consider how they impact our lives, with the intention of creating new personal rituals to nurture our wellbeing.

Price: €20 for 1 workshop, €30 for 2, €40 for all 3 workshops (when booked together)

Registration: hello@katekalvinos.com

These workshops take place on Zoom. You will receive the link once you have registered and made payment.

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