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Singing Mamas

Singing Mamas is a singing group for all women at any stage of life; mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, godmothers and grandmothers (and of course babies, toddlers and home-ed children). Whether you’ve never sung in a group before or are a seasoned pro, you’ll be made to feel very welcome. It’s a warm and welcoming place to connect with other women, drink a cup of tea and sing some uplifting songs together.

Why Singing?

Singing is good for our mental and physical wellbeing as it releases all those ‘happy’ hormones that make us feel good! Singing together in a group also promotes community and connection which is so important for everyone, especially new mums. Singing to and with your child has so many benefits for their wellbeing and development, such as calming them and making them feel safe, building their language skills and rhythm, and expanding their memory. They also love to see mum enjoying doing something for themselves! Learning new songs is great for our cognitive function and we feel a sense of achievement once we’ve conquered a song. Singing familiar songs offers us a sense of safety and comfort so we can relax into the rhythm and enjoy the sounds.

A circle of women and children in a singing mamas session

A true gift for all the mamas in Lisbon. One of the nicest things I can do with my children in Lisbon…a moment of pleasure and healing for the mama and a great play time for my kids.

Member, mum of two

Singing Mamas & Me

I decided to train as a Singing Mamas Leader because of my own difficult experiences as a first time mum away from home. I was struggling with wanting to reclaim some of my previous identity and do something for myself but I didn’t feel ready to leave my baby. I longed for a supportive and non-judgemental community of women in which I could show up just as I was. I learned about the Singing Mamas movement from an old school friend who had trained with them before she became a mother herself. After sharing with her my difficulties and desires she encouraged me to consider the training so I could create my own community and offer other women what I craved because it was possible that they were also wanting this. With no formal singing training I questioned whether I would be ‘good enough’ to lead a choir but the training dispelled those myths as the ethos of the group is about sharing and singing songs for pure enjoyment and connection. I am learning and growing with the group and sometimes I get notes wrong or forget words but I aim to model being ok with imperfection, not just for the other women around me, but also my daughter.

Kate Kalvinos leading a Singing Mamas session

A lovely way to connect with women who may or may not be mums, whilst opening our hearts and voices. Kate lovingly welcomes everyone each time and… she brings biscuits!

Non-mum group member

When, Where & How Much is Singing Mamas in Lisbon?

Singing Mamas Santos (babies and small children welcome)

🕥 Friday mornings 10:30 – 12:00 weekly
📍 Roots and Wings, Santos, Lisbon
🎫 €25 per month / €9 drop-in

Singing Mamas Evening Song Circle (Women only)

🕥 Monday evenings 20:00 – 21:00 monthly
📍 Little Yoga Space, Baixa, Lisbon
🎫 €9

How to book

To find out more or book your FREE taster session (Fridays only) email [email protected] or message +351 912 041021