Kate Kalvinos

Creative Arts Psychotherapy & Wellbeing


I’m Kate. I am a Creative Arts Psychotherapist, a Song Sharer, A Maternal Mental Health Enthusiast, A Women’s Wellbeing Practitioner, and a Mum.

Kate Kalvinos portrait in a field of wild flowers

I believe that creative expression can empower people in the process of their own healing and development.

A woman sitting watching a sunset over a deep valley of the river douro

Originally from a small Greek island but having grown up in England, I was previously based in London, however my passion for travel allowed me to live and work within various cultural communities, including South East Asia and Indigenous Australia. Experiencing such rich diversity has not only enlightened me of traditional ways of healing and expression, it has increased my appreciation for the individuality and uniqueness of every human being.

After a decade working with inner city youths in a charity community theatre, I combined my learned understanding of the healing potential of creative arts and my increasing interest in human psychology and personal development, to obtain my Masters degree in Dramatherapy at Roehampton University, a form of psychotherapy which uses creative expression as a tool for psychological exploration and change.

Flowers, bark, branches and leaves arranged on a floor
Kate Kalvinos on Fonte da Telha, Caparica

I moved to Lisbon in 2019 and began working as a therapist within the international community in person and online. After having my daughter in 2021 I struggled with my own mental health and experienced feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and loneliness. This personal experience prompted further interest and training in perinatal mental health. After a year facilitating online support groups with Postpartum Support International (PSI) I now specialise in supporting the emotional and psychological wellbeing of women, particularly mothers, here in Lisbon.

I offer one-to-one psychotherapy, mothers support groups and singing for wellbeing groups and events.